Our Beginnings

Molbons starts in 2008 in Mexico City, manufacturing a special chocolate line products blending them with other 2 or 3 ingredients, trying to create new tastes and textures.

This chocolate line of products was created due to the successfully operations for more than 25 years, attending the mayor bakeries, and chocolate and cacao industries by Prodeca (www.prodeca.com.mx)which is part of our business in Mexico.

Currently we supply this chocolate line to most of the premium stores in Mexico Metropolis area, and we start supplying in 2017 in some stores in Texas.

In 2009 we start with a new idea, based on what we heard from our customer’s, most feel guilty after eating Chocolate and they we asking for a healthier snack line.

We start doing research about how are the snack are made of, most of them have up to 38% of oil in the process, this is not a healthy snack, based on that we partnership with other companies in France and Barcelona and find out that there was a Dr. Karim Allaf that was working with a very unique process that do not use oil.

The process is based in a microwaves paused period and uses 3 different stages, Pre dried, Microwaves process, and final dried process, this was quite a challenge because we want to keep the integrity of the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables, use no oil process, no additive process, no added sugar or flavors, we wanted to create a snack that crunches like a potatoes chips but have a natural taste of the kind of fruit.

After more than 10 years of hard study and thousands of test, we complete our challenge to process fruits and vegetables using the Instant controlled pressure drop technology.

All fruits and vegetables have different structure, and need to have a different process, the temperature and timing that we use in a strawberry is completely different as the one that we use in the apples, because they have different water volume, and the structure fibers are more flexible and water absorbing, this is why we need to create one process for each of our products.