Today and working under the highest standards in Molbons, we are governed by four fundamental axes, which underpin our processes.



Today’s consumers are treating their bodies like an ecosystem and seeking solutions that complement their evolving personal health needs.

This is true across generations; from parents seeking a healthy start for their children to seniors looking to maintain and improve their health year on year.

In order to live healthier longer, consumers are actively seeking wellness from foods and beverages.

Our snacks are natural and absorbed in the human organism once is consumed.



Consumers are seeking simpler, healthier foods they can trust. The clean label movement continues to evolve, moving from all-natural claims to formulations made with simple and recognizable ingredients.

Our fruits and vegetables are not processed with any kind of sweetener or added sugar, we only use the natural products that we are processing.

Low calorie and sugar.
No fat and sweeteners.
No artificial flavors.
Allergen free.
No added sugar, HFCS.
No artificial preservatives.



Consumers seek assurance on processing techniques.

Clearer communication on processing give a more premium feel.

We use skilled labor, in our process hot air flow, and we returned this water in to the farm fields due to a condensation system, and our packaging is recyclable, so at the end the consumer have a friendly process natural snack.

Because of our new technology we can expand the fibers of the fruits and vegetables getting the crunchiness that the customer is looking in a snack and is 100% Natural.

We use dedicated equipment so there is no milk, Gluten or peanuts used in our equipment’s.



Fresh interactions in healthy eating drive lighter choices, consumers go for moderation in portion size.

Our products portions are less than one Oz.

We use a friendly technology in order to get small portions size, usually we use a relation of fresh: dry 10:1.

The amount of calories per bag is always less than 100.

Most of our products have a high amount of natural fiber.